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WorkWork at Home Employees

  • A web service for automatically determining if employees have the required hardware and software for your applications

  • Dramatically reduce tech support costs

  • Improve and accelerate the user experience for getting a solution

Application: Automated testing of employee’s own computer system outside of your company’s facilities.

Challenges: There are a wide range of technical issues that can cause problems. These range from incorrect or missing hardware, to unsupported versions of software.

These issues place a high level of demand on tech support (sometimes for relatively minor corrections). The time required to diagnose these issues and remedy them can be staggering.

The costs of providing quality support skyrocket.

It also creates a tedious user experience as they must spend large amounts of time sorting through the complex issue(s) with a tech support technician.

Solution: An Instant Expert Analysis solution tailored to your specific requirements.

At your website, users perform a one-click analysis of their hardware and software. In moments, users get a report telling them if they passed all requirements or displaying any problems they need to correct to get their system up to your company’s requirements. This can easily be integrated into your application process if needed.

In cases where software can be downloaded for free, a direct link can be provided right on the web page report.

In cases where a tech support technician needs to be involved, the Instant Expert Analysis is available. This gives your support technician a fast, accurate overview of the system that speeds resolving the problem.

You establish the standards for your “minimum system requirements.” We provide you with a one-click solution that integrates into your website and takes moments to perform.

Key Benefits: A fast and automated solution for verifying a user’s system that flags and corrects a majority of problems.

This solution automatically “deflects” tech support issues before the tech support team gets involved. Clients have reported a deflection rate of over 70%.

Substantial reductions in the cost of tech support are realized.

The user experience is greatly enhanced since problems are identified and potentially solved in just minutes.

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